Virtualization & cloning automation

Virtualization & Cloning

ERP & Database Virtualization Oracle EBS Snapshots EBS & Pe ...

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Recover the Database Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Activates DR site with few clicks (Incl. EBS). Backups for ...

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Data Scrambling

Data Scrambling

Scrambling for Oracle and MySQL databases. Include as a post ...

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SQL self services

SQL Self Service

Let support teams run SQLs as Self Service. No passwords sha ...

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Welcome to Clonetab

The Clonetab Virtualization and Cloning platform helps rapid test data delivery for ERPs and Databases

For ERPs like Oracle e-Business Suite, PeopleSoft & Databases
Clonetab is the only software which can virtualize and provide true end-to-end on-demand clones of ERPs (like Oracle e-Business Suite, PeopleSoft) or databases. It can also provide an integrated solution for virtualization, cloning, Disaster Recovery, Backups and Oracle EBS Snapshots.

Clonetab engines – Deeply aware of ERP Applications, not just Databases
The engines are deeply EBS & PS aware and can identify the major releases (e.g. R12.1, R12.2) and patchset levels like AD, TXK and executes the clone commands accordingly. The platform provides options to retain EBS/PS specific options like profile option retention, Concurrent/Process scheduler setups retention, EBS users with responsibilities retention, Database links, Directories retention, workflows setups and many more options, resulting in a true end-to-end ERP clone.

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Virtualization And Cloning

For Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft & Databases
  • Virtualization of EBS & Database
  • Cloning Automation
  • EBS Snapshots & SavePoints
  • Travel in EBS Snapshots
  • Disaster Recovery for EBS

Data Protection

For Oracle EBS & Databases
  • Handles EBS Application & Database DR activation
  • Low RTO & RPOs
  • Use DR resources to run EBS test instances
  • Few clicks for periodic DR tests
  • Backups of Oracle EBS and Databases

Data Scrambling

For Oracle, MySQL & SAP HANA
  • Integrated with cloning or standalone
  • Multiple algorithms for different needs
  • With Compliance Manager role
  • High speed scrambling
  • Ensures referential data integrity

SQL Self Service

For Oracle, MySQL & SAP HANA
  • SQLs execution self-service
  • No passwords shared
  • Eliminate wait times for SQLs execution
  • Approve requests on the GO
  • SQLs output history, compliance
  • Access control through AD groups


Oracle EBS & PS Cloning automation- Delivers true end-to-end clones of ERPs in minutes SQL Self Service – Eliminates wait times between teams and helps support teams to meet SLAs CTSnap – Bi-directional travel in snapshots and save points, eliminates re-clones


Virtualization and compression of both database and application copies reduces infrastructure costs while helping in improved productivity for Development and support teams. Reduce man hours spent for routine tasks with simplified, few clicks ERP/DB clones, post cloning steps, periodic automated DR tests for Oracle EBS etc.


Scramble sensitive data as part of clone or as standalone task. Integrated backups and Disaster Recovery setups for Databases and ERPs. Ensure data protection and compliance with multiple on-prem/cloud copies of data. Low RTO/RPOs by leveraging changed block copy and snapshot methods.



Thin provisioned/Compressed
data copies

ERP Cloning

Deeply application aware
clones of ERP

Data Scrambling

Scramble sensitive data
Clone integrated or Standalone

Backup & Recovery

Multi Destination

SQL Self Service

Eliminate wait times to run SQLs.
Eliminate SQL tickets to DBAs


EBS Snapshots, Save points.
Bi-directional move in snapshots

Clonetab virtualization and cloning platform helped many Fortune 500 enterprises to reduce infrastructure costs and improve productivity.

ERP Cloning automation, Virtualization, backup and recovery solutions, Data scrambling solutions, SQL Self Service like productivity tools helped many top world brands to improve productivity across their IT teams.

Some of the top management consulting, Biotech companies, Governments etc. leveraged Clonetab platform’s capabilities to reduce Cloning and post cloning steps from about 21 days to under 1.5 hrs. This enabled rapid turnaround times for provisioning test data copies of near production including application portion in less than 1.5 hrs (as compared to multi weeks).

Only application aware platform that can operate on multi-cloud/on-prem and deliver rapid test data copies

Unlike shell scripts of other virtualization vendors, Clonetab platform delivers true end-to-end cloning of ERPs powered by data virtualization. Integrated Data scrambling, post clone steps eliminates the need for manual DBA intervention, making it a true ERP Cloning platform.

About Us

Clonetab - Secure refresh software for Oracle e-Businesss Suite & Databases


Clonetab is Secure Cloning Software built on Java Platform. Clonetab offers solutions for automatic end-to-end refresh of Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Databases and so on.

Clonetab offers several great advantages over manual cloning - Audit Trail, Segregation of duties between Security Administrator and Database Administrator,