Cloning Automation

Supports Oracle e-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, SAP Hana
oracle database cloning automation software

Cloning Automation

It doesn't stop at for EBS, it goes much further
Clonetab’s ERP cloning does not stop at Database Cloning or at (EBS). It goes much beyond this and can be a true end-to-end cloning solution. As an example, in case of Oracle e-Business Suite, the cloning includes performing post clone steps like retention of profile options, changing apps, Weblogic, sysadmin or EBS schema passwords (like GL, AP, XX* schemas), etc.

Clonetab is the ERP application aware cloning and virtualization software in the market.
It has in-depth understanding of the Oracle EBS, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP technology stack. Oracle EBS cloning steps can significantly change based on the patchset levels (like TXK & AD). These differences due to patchset levels are fed to the engine as and when there is a new patchset, and cloning is performed according to the patchset level. This makes Clonetab software unique and the only software of its kind in the market.

ERP Virtualization

Production Database Compressed Gold Multiple Virtualized non-production instances Database and EBS Snapshots Virtualization of Oracle EBS technology stack and APPL_TOPs are essential not only for space & time savings but also to facilitate the EBS snapshots (see EBS Snapshots section). The virtualization can result in terabytes of space savings especially when there is a greater number of EBS instances. It will also save huge time by eliminating the copying of thousands of files from source to target during the clones.

ERP Virtualization and cloning automation
oracle EBS and Peoplesoft cloning automation software

On-Prem or Cloud

Clonetab is the only software that can virtualize and automate Oracle EBS or PeopleSoft cloning & post cloning steps in OCI and AWS clouds. The software can also run on-premise.

On-Prem: The Clonetab software is available as a VM image or for standalone installation (for Physical machines). The installation or import of VM image can be completed in less than 1 hour.

Cloud: Clonetab is available as AMI in amazon cloud or as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure image. In both cases, the software can be up and running in less than 1 hour.

EBS Disaster Recovery

Clonetab is the only software that provides EBS disaster recovery. The DR includes database and EBS components. In case of a disaster, customers can quickly bring up EBS on the DR site. Upgrade and other infrastructure/development projects frequently require new instances to be provisioned at a short notice. Clonetab’s new instance creation (NIC) feature rapidly creates an entirely new/non-existing instance.

The new instance creation task would ask few questions like port pool, node information, etc. Once submitted Clonetab’s intelligent clone engine would pick up the task and bring up the new instance in about 1-2 hours’ time. This instance would be a clone of the production/source’s current data or from a snapshot taken in the past.

Oracle EBS Disaster Recovery software
Oracle EBS cloning automation

Post Clone step customizations

A lot of customers will have their own post clone steps of Oracle EBS. It can be running a data scrambling script or OAM integration steps. Though Clonetab’s comes with a long list of post cloning options like profile option or WF setup retention options, there may be a need for running few SQL or shell scripts. Clonetab provides consulting services to customize these steps and plug them into Clonetab’s post clone workflow along with standard post clone steps.

Some of the success stories of Clonetab includes bringing down 100+ page post cloning steps documents to zero, with the help of customization framework provided by Clonetab along with the standard out of the box post clone steps.