Clonetab Advanced-Data Scrambling (ADS)

Obfuscate sensitive data before release, with every clone
advanced data scrambling clonetab software

Clonetab Advanced-Data Scrambling (ADS)

⦁ For Oracle e-Business Suite & Database
⦁ Data Scrambling for SAP S/4HANA for SAP BTP or on-Premise
⦁ Multiple algorithms for different needs
⦁ Integrated with cloning or standalone.
⦁ With Compliance Manager role
⦁ High-speed scrambling

Millions of rows scrambled in minutes
Compliance while performing refreshes and compliance while bringing sensitive data from production to target can be controlled using Clonetab. The features like password encryption, data scrambling, password masking in logs make Clonetab deliver secure and compliant refreshes which are not possible with normal shell scripts.

Compliance Manager (Not a DBA)

  • Define Rules

    Add tables/columns choose the algorithm to use for each column.

  • add Dependent columns

    If needed, choose Dependent objects to maintain referential integrity.

  • Apply Rule to Instances

    Map the instances with rules. one rule can be applied to multiple instances

  • Launch task

    Launch the scrambling task. it can be as Integrated task with done or as a standalone task

data scrambling for oracle EBS, SAP, Peoplesoft and other database
data scrambling for oracle EBS, SAP, Peoplesoft and other database

Clonetab Data Scrambling for Oracle eBusiness Suite, SAP, PeopleSoft & other Databases

• SOD with the compliance manager role. DBAs cannot change the rules.
• Defining rules and attaching to the instance is a onetime process
• Scrambling done every time refresh is run using Clonetab
• Scrambling can be done as an independent job or with clones
• Referential integrity can be maintained.
• Rapid scrambling compared to few other products
• Audit trail maintained for each clone/scrambling task
• Pre-built reports to show when/who initiated clones
• Monitor logs, progress bars within Clonetab UI