Bi-Directional travel in EBS Snapshots

EBS Application aware snapshots in minutes
oracle EBS snapshot

Deeply Application-aware snapshots

CTSnap is aware of internals of Oracle EBS, Snapshots includes EBS appl_top and other binaries, preserves the apps and other passwords at that specific point in time etc. App/DB consistent snapshots eliminates any disconnects between appl_top and database during backups due to time difference.

Travel to any snapshot in any incarnation

Multiple levels of snapshot incarnation can be created. Travel from any level to any level with few clicks. During any major change, take a CTSnap in minutes, if the change fails, travel back to the snapshot (revert), in minutes.

CTSnaps are ERP application-aware. Snapshots include both application and database. For applications like Oracle EBS, just reverting database snapshot will disconnect application from DB. CTSnap includes both Database and application in the snapshot. Reverting to that snap will revert the whole application and not just the database.

oracle EBS snapshot within minutes
oracle ebs snapshot

Space efficient (thin), almost instant snapshots/reversals

Thin snapshots, storage consumed for changed data only. Creation of snapshot and reversal are almost instant. Eliminates expensive backup solutions. Can be integrated with Clonetab DR solution to store backups in secondary data center/location.