ERP & Database virtualization

Accelerate application provisioning powered by instant clones of CTclone

Virtualized copies of ERPs or Databases in minutes

Accelerate ERP application and/or database provisioning using CTClone virtualization. Reduce the storage CAPEX costs by about 80% through virtualizing both databases and ERP applications. Clonetab ERP cloning modules leverages Ctclone technology to create instant copies of database and application tiers, reducing the clone times to few hours from days/weeks.

Virtualize Database + Application

  • Release about 80% of storage by virtualizing both Database & application of ERPs like Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, SAP etc

Increased agility

  • Provision multi-terabyte ERPs in ~1.5hrs, instant application & database backups and restores

Cost reduction

  • Reduce apps storage capex costs, save huge man hours spent on clones and post clone steps

How it works

  • One-time Gold copy followed by incremental forever ctclone backups.
  • Virtual copies of databases and ERP applications (like Oracle e-Business Suite)
  • Optional Disaster recovery setup using copy of same compressed gold copy. (including Application. Refer CTDR product for more details)
  • Automated clones of ERPs or Databases using Clonetab cloning software.

Customer case study

Customer is a global leader in management consulting with presence in more than 60 countries.

Industry: Consulting
Environment: ERP: Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle Databases on AIX, RAC, ASM, multi node.

Business Challenges:

Reduce Clone time
From 2 weeks to 4 hrs

Data scrambling & post clone
steps included in cloning task

Maintain 40 days of production
data on disk for backdated clones

  • Including sensitive data scrambling, clone time of Oracle EBS taking 2 weeks - To be reduced to around 4 hours.
  • About 15 EBS targets and 15 Database targets to be cloned from 6 sources
  • Include post clone steps like retention of EBS users with their responsibilities
  • To avoid redundancy of archivelog backups, integrate Clonetab with customers existing archivelog backup solution.

Clonetab Solution

Clonetab modules used: Clonetab cloning, CTClone (Virtualization), Data Scrambling module, SQL Self Service, New EBS instance creation module, CTDR (Disaster Recovery) module.
Database Cloning method: Clonetab’s ERP cloning module, with Ctclone virtualization.

1. Around 4 hours clones of EBS including Database and Data scrambling.
2. Included all post clone steps like.
    • Handling of TDE encryption using Oracle Key vault
    • Retain EBS users with responsibilities
    • Retain a list of EBS profile options, workflow setups etc.
    • Execute data scrambling as part of the cloning process
3. Chose any snapshot of data from past 40 days for cloning (snapshots taken by Clonetab’s ctclone module).
4. Fetch archivelogs needed for recovery by communicating with customers archivelog backup solution.

Business benefits with Clonetab

Cloning time reduced from 2 weeks to ~4 hrs
Storage utilization reduced from 145TB to 25TB
End-to-end clone automation + scrambling

• Clone time of Oracle EBS reduced from 2 weeks to 4 hours.
• Flexibility to go to any snapshot of data in the last 40 days (using snapshots created by Clonetab’s Ctclone module). Extremely useful for month-end closing type tasks.
• DBA teams spend virtually no time in executing the clones
• Through easy integration architecture, Clonetab fetches archivelogs from existing archivelog backup software, avoiding redundant copies of archivelog backups
• Improved efficiency across all IT teams by eliminating days of wait times for latest production copies.
• Reduced storage utilization from ~140TB to ~25TB for same number of EBS instances.
• Huge cost savings due to virtualized databases, reduced man hours spent on clones and improved efficiency across IT
• Resulted in decommissioning of expensive data masking software by introducing Clonetab’s integrated single solution for cloning and scrambling.
• Provisioned new (non-existing EBS instances with few clicks using New instance creation module of Clonetab.
• Maintain production gold copy in second data center using Clonetab CTDR module.